A world class software distribution solution for Windows

Let professionals handle your distribution – from building your installer the right way, monitoring successful user funnel, presenting it all in a clear and simple way, to helping you monetize your software. 

Our Platform

Our platform is built to solve one single task: software distribution. But as you might’ve already experienced, in order to do that one needs to get familiar with an excessive amount of technologies, and solve quite a few problems. As a result, on average 25% of installation are never completed, due to errors, insubstantial user experience and many other reasons. If you care about getting the maximum potential from your software you should have the best distribution solution. Try Rise Platforms solution and never look back.


We offer an extensive dashboard with lots of information organized in easy to read charts. The dashboard allows you to study and improve the user flow, optimizing the number of users that eventually get to successfully use your software. This optimization gets even more important when buying media for your software and when every user counts.

Content Delivery Network

One of the more important aspects of getting your software to the user is the download process. While we do use a sophisticated installer that shortens the download time, it’s also crucial to keep the data on fast and reliable servers.

At Rise Platforms we use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) that maintain high reliability and download speeds, no matter the geographical location of the user.


Open Source

Using open source is the right way to get things done, while taking advantage of transparency, security and wisdom of the crowd. However, many times it’s a complicated task keeping you off the main goal - which is focusing on your actual application.

At Rise Platforms we use widely recognized open source projects such as zlib, dotsetup, mongo db and more, in order to build a complete solution for software developers. We believe in open source and constantly contribute source code to the projects we’re working with.


Each installation flow is unique. Building your own plugins or screens on existing installation platforms requires familiarity with custom scripting languages, lots of APIs and generally is not an easy task. We do it for you.


About Us


About Rise Platforms

The team behind Rise Platforms started out by developing apps for Windows. Some of us were involved in open source projects, some in other independent projects. But we all had a common feeling of frustration when it concerned about distributing the software. Most of us found out the hard way that it's not enough to develop a product, getting the product to the user is no less important, especially when buying media. Most of existing solutions are either very expensive, lacking features or not trustworthy enough.

This is the reason the Rise Platforms was founded. What we've built is an end to end distribution platform for Windows - reliable and transparent.

Contact Us

Please leave us a message and state your interest. It would help if you tell us a little about yourself and provide some extra-info such as website, company name, etc. We normally get back to you within one business day.